• Material Conveyance

    Material Conveyance

    Provided and installed new pipe supports and conveyance piping. The piping system installed consisted of Stainless Steel Pipe and Morse…

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  • Lorain County Election Building

    Lorain County Election Building

    Removed (6) Existing RTU’s and provided and installed (6) New RTU’s and Curbs. Reconnected existing natural gas piping, made necessary…

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  • Small Town Sweets

    Small Town Sweets

    Provided and installed new Plumbing Fixtures that included water closets, lavatories and commercial kitchen equipment. Provided and installed Plumbing Equipment…

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  • Sheffield Brookside Schools

    Sheffield Brookside Schools

    Provided and installed a Complete Plumbing System to include all Plumbing Fixtures, Plumbing Equipment, and Installed Owner Provided Kitchen Equipment.

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  • Avon Middle School

    Avon Middle School

    Provided and installed Complete Hot Water Heating and Chilled Water Systems. Hot Water Heating Systems included all HVAC Piping and…

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  • Cedar Point Hotel

    Cedar Point Hotel

    Provided and installed new Plumbing Fixtures such water closets, lavatories, showers and owner provided commercial kitchen equipment. Provided and installed…

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  • USS Natural Gas

    USS Natural Gas

    Provided and Installed Natural Gas Piping consisting of 10” HDPE piping for the underground Service Lines and 10” Carbon Steel…

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